Story of Zombbits
Zombbit ゾンビット refers to any cute bunny turned zombie rabbit.  Zombbits are a bit of a puzzle, but we do know 3 secrets about them.
1. Zombbits move very slowly (noro noro ノロ ノロ means to inch along slowly, and even a tortoise is faster).
2. Zombbits eagerly bite and gnaw everything non-stop (gaji gaji ガジ ガジ is the sound Zombbits make when biting and gnawing).
3. Once bitten by a Zombbit, you will likely turn into a Zombbit too.

Nonbi Nonbi ノンビ the main character, is an absent-minded young rabbit turned Super Slow Zombbit.  He seems to be the only character who has not changed in appearance after becoming a Zombbit.  Other Zombbits still chase after Nonbi.

Somii Somii ソミー is an enigma.  Some say he is a mysterious bunny rabbit, and that he is Nonbi's pet.  All we know is Somii trembles, and is often seen together with Nonbi.

Joshii Joshii ジョシー is Nonbi's classmate.  She accidentally became a Zombbit, but her face looks fine because she is wearing makeup.  One of her fake eyelashes got messed up and it seems she didn't fix it.

GG GG ジィジィ is the school bus driver.  When he became a Zombbit, flies started to appear around him.

Hamii and Salamii Hamii ハミー and Salamii サラミー are brother and sister twins who live near Nonbi.  They are always together, and their front teeth are baby teeth.

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