Sentimental Circus

Sentimental Circus

Story of Sentimental Circus
After the whole town falls asleep, neglected abandoned toys wake up one by one and gather together.  Kuro, performer of the rolling globe.  Mr Bear, performer of tightrope walking.  Pigu and Mamo, performers of trapeze acts.  And when Shappo, the impresario, appears - the curtains of mysterious Sentimental Circus goes up somewhere again.

Shappo シャッポ (Ringmaster) appears to be a soft toy plush bunny rabbit and wears a small black hat with the word "Master" on it.  In this hat, Shappo carries threads, needles and poker cards.  Shappo loves arts and craft.

Toto トト (Juggler) is Shappo's close companion.  Toto was handmade by Shappo, so we believe Toto is a soft toy plush.

Mr Bear Mr ベア (Tightrope walker / cyclist) is a bear that lives life at his own pace, and is made of tin.

Kuro クロ (Rolling globe performer) appears to be a cat and loves round stuff.

Pigu ピグ and Mamo マーモ (Trapeze performers) are twin monkeys filled with curiosity.

Piyo Ballerina ピヨ バレリーナ (Ballet dancers) are 3 talkative sisters who love going to the dressing room.

Pony ポニ (Hurdle jumper) is a hardworking wooden pony who is troubled by his own short legs.

Leo リオ (Hoop jumper) is the largest plush among the toys.  His mane is detachable to become the hoop that he jumps through.

Mouton ムートン (Acrobat) is an easy-going elephant who turns really active during the performance.

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