Nendoroid - Waitress and Maid versions

Nendoroid - Waitress and Maid versions

Nendoroid 016 Mikuru Asahina あさひなみくる ねんどろいど

It's Mikuru, back by popular demand!

Asahina Mikuru's Nendoroid figure is back by popular demand, and just as adorable as ever! Dressed in her waitress' uniform from the anime's episode 0, entitled "Asahina Mikuru's Adventures Episode 00", she features three faces, one smiling, one troubled, and one angry, which, when combined with her numerous bonus parts, allow for a perfect recreation of her many poses, including the Mikuru Beam attack from the show. Assemble all the Haruhi Nendoroids and remake any scene with an extra-cute veneer!

Nendoroid 065 Imoko Shishido Maidroid ししどういもこ めいどろいどばーじょん ねんどろいど

The kind, devoted maid is ready to serve.

From the science fiction anime released by Sunrise, "Sora o Kakeru Shoujo", comes a Nendoroid of Akiha's Naviman, 'Imoko Shishido' in her Maidroid outfit.

It's the first Nendoroid to have an interior design! - just as it appeared in the anime, the hair can open to reveal a small opening for Imo-chan to stick her helmeted head out. Imo-chan also comes with an additional face part, as well as a body part to recreate her uniform appearance.

Nendoroid 219 Popura Taneshima ねんどろいど たねしまぽぷら

"I might be a Nendoroid, but I'm not small!"

From the anime series set in a family restaurant, 'WORKING!!', comes a Nendoroid of the reliable waitress, Popura Taneshima!

She comes with three expressions, including a smiling face, a cute looking upset face and a chibi face. She also comes with a menu for the restaurant, a tray to carry out orders to her customers and of course a little footstool to help her reach those high up places!

The small and lovable Taneshima is ready to be displayed hard at work - or in whatever pose you think suits her best!

Nendoroid 237 Ika Musume ねんどろいど いかむすめ

Time to invade the Nendoroid world ~de geso!

From the anime series, "Shinryaku! Ika Musume" comes a Nendoroid of the invader from the sea herself - Ika Musume! She comes with a standard smiling face, a confident expression to proclaim her invasion plans, and a crying face for when those plans inevitably fail.

She also comes with a variety of optional extras from the series, including the umbrella she named 'Ika #1', as well as two bendable tentacles that can be swapped out with the standard tentacles. She also comes with beer mugs and prawn fried rice which can be held using the bendable tentacles, allowing you to pose her hard at work as a waitress at the Lemon beach house!

Nendoroid 322 Nana Mizuki ねんどろいど みずきなな

The NANA PARTY action figure!

The singer and voice actress, Nana Mizuki is joining the Nendoroid series!

She is posed in the waitress outfit seen in her 'Lovely Fruit' music video, and also comes with a hamburger on a tray to complete the pose! A Nendoroid-sized version of her mascot character 'Nanet-san', a live T-shirt and microphone are also all included to help you recreate her live stage performance!

Nendoroid 331 Nyaruko Maid ねんどろいど にゃるこ めいどVer.

"Earth's entertainment is the best in the universe!"

From the second season of the anime sure to bring your SAN points down, 'Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W' comes a figure of Nyaruko herself dressed in an adorable maid outfit! She has her hair tied up in little balls together with cute twin tails, altogether creating an adorable appearance!

Nyaruko comes with three different expressions including a winking expression, an excited expression as well as a smiling expression. She also comes with a variety of optional parts including a 'Nightgaunt Drink' on a tray, a 'Kurogane no Striver' Blu-ray boxset, heart effect parts to let Nyaruko show her never-ending love and even a Nendoroid sized version of the mysterious Manta-kun! The crawling chaos is ready to serve all the fans!

Nendoroid 343 Faris Nyannyan ねんどろいど ふぇいりす・にゃんにゃん

The figurehead maid at May Queen Nyan-nyan 2!

The 'hypothetical science adventure' game Steins;Gate has had a sequel and movie version released, and from that series comes a Nendoroid of lab member number 007 - Faris Nyannyan! She comes with three different expressions including a smiling face, a winking face and a smug expression.

Optional parts include a tray as well as the omlette rice dish with 'The world is in trouble' written on it in ketchup. A set of 'Rai-Net Access Battlers' cards are also included in Nendoroid size. Plus alternate parts are included allowing you to pose her in her trademark 'Nyannyan' pose!

The adorable Faris is hoping you'll play with her as much as possible! ♪

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Additional Info
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